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Mission & Vision Statements

Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
Our Lady of Hope’s mission is to create a learning environment that values curiosity, exploration and excellence. We are united by our core values of Living Faith, Accepting Responsibility, Promoting Teamwork, and Inspiring Leadership. We will come together to promote an inclusive school that is welcoming to all and is committed to social justice, anti-racism, equality and equity. Students and staff will be of service to each other and the community while respecting the uniqueness of individuals.

Our Vision:
Enveloped in a happy, safe and supportive learning environment, OLOH students will foster a love for learning, they will try new and exciting things and they will use their solid foundation to build their future on.

Our Core Values:
Living Faith
• We believe in the Catholic faith and all that it inspires us to do
• Acknowledge the diversity of others and their beliefs
• Create an inclusive community that is welcoming to all and is committed to social justice, anti-racism, equality and equity

Accepting Responsibility
• We lead through example and are accountable for our actions
• We promote our Catholic values
• We ensure good judgement and trustworthy behavior
• Nurture a learning environment that values curiosity exploration and excellence

Promoting Teamwork
• Communicate openly
• Listen to others and work with others
• Strive to achieve a common goal within the school community
• Celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and promote respectful communication

Inspiring Leadership
• Prepare students to lead by encouraging open communication
• Help students celebrate their fair choices
• Extend our students to be of service to the community