Our Story


As a result of the growing population in Binbrook, the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board was awarded $11.29 million in capital funding on November 21st, 2016, for a new 458-capacity school and a 3 room Child Care centre. We became a new school in September 2020, but remained at two different campuses until our new building was completed. Our doors officially opened to our new school on March 9th, 2021 at its present location on the North side of Binbrook Road in Binbrook, Ontario. Our school population consists of about 515 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight. We provide opportunities for success in learning for all students within a Christ-centred community where all who walk through our doors are welcomed and valued!


Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
Our Lady of Hope’s mission is to create a learning environment that values curiosity, exploration and excellence. We are united by our core values of Living Faith, Accepting Responsibility, Promoting Teamwork, and Inspiring Leadership. We will come together to promote an inclusive school that is welcoming to all and is committed to social justice, anti-racism, equality and equity. Students and staff will be of service to each other and the community while respecting the uniqueness of individuals.

Our Vision:
Enveloped in a happy, safe and supportive learning environment, OLOH students will foster a love for learning, they will try new and exciting things and they will use their solid foundation to build their future on.

Our Core Values:
Living Faith
• We believe in the Catholic faith and all that it inspires us to do
• Acknowledge the diversity of others and their beliefs
• Create an inclusive community that is welcoming to all and is committed to social justice, anti-racism, equality and equity

Accepting Responsibility
• We lead through example and are accountable for our actions
• We promote our Catholic values
• We ensure good judgement and trustworthy behavior
• Nurture a learning environment that values curiosity exploration and excellence

Promoting Teamwork
• Communicate openly
• Listen to others and work with others
• Strive to achieve a common goal within the school community
• Celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and promote respectful communication

Inspiring Leadership
• Prepare students to lead by encouraging open communication
• Help students celebrate their fair choices
• Extend our students to be of service to the community


Our Lady of Hopepatron lady of hope

Our Lady of Pontmain, also known as Our Lady of Hope, is the title given to the Virgin Mary on her apparition at Pontmain, France on 17 January 1871.

Authorization of Our Lady of Hope
After that the devotion to the Blessed Virgin under the title of that of Notre Dame d'Esperance de Pontmain, Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain, was authorized by the ecclesiastical authorities, and the confraternity of that name has been extended all over the world.

After the apparition of Our Lady of Hope on 17 January 1871, pilgrims made up of both the clergy and the laity came to Pontmain. At the same time, inquiries and investigations were made about the apparition; the visionary children were submitted to various intense interrogations. Finally, on the Feast of the Purification, 2 February 1872, Msgr. Wicart, Bishop of Laval, issued a pastoral letter giving a canonical judgment on the apparition. Thus, the veneration of Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain was given official Church recognition and approval.

Joseph Barbadette became a priest of the Congregation of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate; his brother Eùgene became a secular priest. He was assisted by one of the girls who had seen Mary as his housekeeper, and the other, Jeanne-Marie Lebossé, became a nun.

In May 1872, Bishop Wicart authorized the construction of a sanctuary, which was consecrated in October 1900. In 1905 Pope Pius X elevated the Sanctuary to the status of a basilica.

Pope Pius XI gave a final decision regarding the mass and office in honor of Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain. A final papal honor was given to Our Lady of Hope on 16 July 1932 by Cardinal Pacelli, who later became Pope Pius XII, by passing a decree from the Chapter of St. Peter's Basilica that the statue of the Blessed Lady, Mother of Hope, be solemnly honored with the crown of gold. The Lady then was crowned in the presence of archbishop, bishops, priests and the laity by Cardinal Verdier, Archbishop of Paris. The coronation took place on 24 July 1934.

At Pontmain, it was a matter of a message of prayer, very simple in the dramatic circumstances of war and invasion. At Pontmain, Mary is a sign of hope in the midst of war. A place of pilgrimage, it attracts annually around 200,000 drawn from among the people of the region, with some international pilgrimages, especially from Germany.

Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain, Quebec is a municipality in Canada that was named after the apparition. Our Lady of Hope is a Roman Catholic Parish of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. There is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Funds for this chapel were donated by Bob Hope and his wife Dolores.

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Prayer of Our Lady of Hope

Mary, Our Lady of Hope, we thank you for bringing our school community together.
May it be a place where we love to learn and learn to love, a place where everyone is respected and all are valued.
Let us be an example of your love in our world and continue to guide us to be the light of hope to everyone around us.
We ask this in your name blessed Mary, Our Lady of Hope.


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